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Llandudno has been twinned since 1988 with the town of Wormhout situated in Northern France.  The Twinning between the two towns was established to ensure that the events that occurred in 1940 in the lead up to the Dunkirk Evacuation during the Second World War are not forgotten, when German SS Soldiers captured up to 100 British soldiers, including men from Llandudno.  They were taken to a barn in La Plaine au Bois near the towns of Wormhout and Esquelbecq, where on 28th May 1940, 80 of them were massacred.

Today the site of the massacre is maintained as a memorial to those who were killed.  Llandudno Town Council contributes to the maintenance costs of the site.  

The Town Council supports and arranges cultural visits between Llandudno and Wormhout each year to allow interested members of the public to engage in fellowship and friendship with our French counterparts.  Visits to Wormhout from Llandudno include a service at the memorial site as part of the programme in order to allow visitors to pay their respects.


Exchange from Wormhout 

Just over 50 people from Wormhout travel to Llandudno for a weekend of hospitality with host families who volunteer to accommodate the French families during their stay. The visit usually takes place in April with a number of visits in and around Llandudno arranged during the weekend.

Wormhout Football Trip

Usually occurring in May each year, a team of 20 pupils from local primary schools, with their teachers, are invited to compete in the annual Wormhout International Junior Soccer Tournament. As well as taking part in the tournament, the pupils are able to immerse themselves in the history of the town and the surrounding area.

July Visit to Wormhout

Each July, a visit to Wormhout is arranged to coincide with the Wormhout carnival and music festival, with a group of 55 people from Llandudno participating. All participants contribute to the cost of the trip. Accommodation is provided by French host families and the Wormhout Town Council. Those on the visit are able to learn about the history of Wormhout, paying tribute to those who gave their lives during the Second World War and in particular those who died during the Wormhout massacre in 1940.

Sadly no Town Twinning visits have been able to take place in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we look forward to welcoming visitors from our Twin Town and also visiting Wormhout in due course, once Covid-19 restrictions have eased.

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