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Llandudno Town Council is the first and closest tier of local government to the town's residents. It is in its 49th year of existence, having been inaugurated following the local government reorganisation of 1974 and has 20 Councillors representing five wards (Craig Y Don, Gogarth, Mostyn, Penrhyn and Tudno). This equates to a representation of approximately 20,603 residents (2020 estimate).

Llandudno Town Council meets on a Friday evening at 7pm. There are also three Standing Committees: Community Services & Tourism, Finance & General Purposes, and Planning & Transportation. A full cycle of meetings is available to view on the website, under Council meeting dates. There are also a range of Sub Committees, which meet as required during the year. The main ones are listed below.

The Annual Council Meeting is held in May and this is the meeting at which the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected from amongst the Members.

Working in Partnership:

Llandudno Town Council works in partnership with Conwy County Borough Council and others on many projects to benefit the town. These include Playscheme provision, Play areas, provision of Bus Shelters, Litter Bins and Street Furniture, lighting in Happy Valley area, Llandudno Swimming Pool, and CCTV). The Town Council also represents the local area as a consultee on many matters, including Planning and Development. It also represents the local Community on various organisations including the North Wales Association of Town & Larger Community Councils, Llandudno Coastal Forum, the Llandudno Local Area Forum and various Community organisations.

All Town and Community Councils have powers granted by Parliament, including the authority to raise money. Llandudno Town Council raises its money, mainly, through the Council tax, via an annual precept to Conwy County Borough Council. Most of this money goes back into the community. It also seeks to maximise other sources of income such as the seeking of sponsorship and donations for competitions and events.



Community Services & Tourism Committee

  • Christmas Parade Sub Committee

  • Decorative Lighting Sub Committee

  • Llandudno in Bloom Sub Committee

  • Miss Alice Sub Committee

  • Town Twinning Committee

  • Town Centre Improvements WP

  • Fireworks Sub-Committee

Finance & General Purposes Committee

  • Civic Sub Committee

  • Grants Sub Committee

  • Staffing Sub Committee

  • West Shore (Tram) Shelter Working Party

  • Town Hall Working Party

  • Website Working Party

  • Standing Orders Working Party

  • Boundaries Sub-Committee

Planning & Transportation Committee

  • Transport & Public rights of way Sub Committee


  • Mayor Making (May)

  • Civic Sunday (July)

  • Remembrance Sunday (November)

  • Freedom Parades (bi annual)


  • Christmas Parade

  • Fireworks

  • Llandudno in Bloom competition

  • Miss Alice competition

  • RHS Wales in Bloom competition

  • Christmas Lights

  • Town Twinning events

  • Summer and Winter Decorative Lighting


  • Decorative & Christmas Lighting

  • Strimming of Llandudno public footpaths

  • War Memorial, Promenade

  • War Memorial, Penrhynside

  • War Memorial, St Tudno’s

  • Penrhynside Recreation area

  • Penrhynside Village Green

  • Beaumaris Gardens

  • White Rabbit Statue

  • West Shore Tram Shelter

  • Commemorative Memorials (Victoria and Ted yr Ogof)


  • Provision of Grants to community/voluntary groups