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Llandudno Town Council is involved with a number of Charitable Trusts established for the benefit of the townspeople.

Rapallo House Museum and Art Gallery – Chardon Trust

Essentially this Trust operates the Llandudno Museum, Gloddaeth Street, but does have the power to provide educational facilities at the Museum.

Charity of Edward William Johnson

This Charity was established in 1904 and was used to provide children’s “Johnson Tea” which was an annual event at Payne’s Cafe Royale until the mid 1960’s. After being dormant for some years, the Town Council arranged with the Charity Commissioners for a new scheme to regulate the Trust. It is now used to relieve hardship amongst local school children up to the age of 16 under certain conditions.

Charity of Richard Owen

This Charity is used to assist students in conjunction with the Local Education Authority.

  1.  Grants may be made to beneficiaries residing in Llandudno attending any university, University College, training college for teachers, or other institution of further education approved by the Trustees

  2. Bursaries or maintenance allowances to enable beneficiaries to travel abroad for educational reasons;

  3. Providing financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books, to help beneficiaries on leaving school, a university or any other educational establishment to prepare for (or to enter) a profession, trade or calling ; and

  4. in otherwise promoting the education, including social and physical training, of beneficiaries.

“Beneficiaries” means persons born or resident in the beneficial area who are under 25 years of age and are considered by the Trustees to be in need of financial aid.

The Samuel Chantrey Trust & Llandudno Convalescent Home Trust

These Charities are under the title of the Llandudno Relief in Need Charity. The Charity provides limited help to the elderly.