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Each year the Town Council distributes grants to voluntary and charitable organisations which provide service for, or for the benefit of, the whole community within the Llandudno area or a particular group of residents.  As well as grants to existing organisations, The Town Council can also provide start up grants for new organisations.

The Council invites applications in autumn each year, and which will be distributed in June/July the following year.  Application forms may be obtained from the Town Hall or can be downloaded from this page.

The Town Council has recently completed its grants round for funding for 2023/24.

Application forms for funding for 2024/25 will be available to download from the summer 2023.

Please note that the Town Council has limited funds available for the awarding of grants and that the number of applications each year always exceeds the budget available. The awarding of grants and the amount of funding allocated is at the discretion of the Town Council.